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Sea Turtle Classroom

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” – Maria Montessori

Class Wish List:

This week we are wrapping up our studies of Europe and Space. Thank you, room moms, for setting up our fun solar system craft and snack!

In the upcoming month of February, we will learn about the continent of South America, rainforests, weather, Groundhog Day, and Valentine’s Day. We will be hosting a small Valentine’s Day brunch on February 14 at 9:00 and hope that all parents can attend! This is our way of thanking you for all your support throughout the school year. Also, on Valentine’s Day, please be sure that your child brings in Valentine’s cards for each child in the class to hand out. There are 26 children. Please do not sign the back of the cards for easy disbursement. Each child will hand deliver around the circle, like a mail carrier. Perhaps you and your child would like to be creative and make them yourselves!

We are switching our food prep over to cucumber and strawberry slicing. Thank you to those who brought in oranges for juicing and eggs for slicing (especially with eggs being so expensive these days).

Many have noticed that the construction of the new building is underway, and our class gets a front-row seat to all the action! The children are learning the name and purpose of the equipment being used. It’s very exciting.

Yesterday, the whole school gathered at our outdoor classroom for a pep rally promoting our “read around the bases” campaign. Sharky, the mascot of the Wilmington Sharks came out to cheer on our students as we launch this reading program on Feb. 1. More info to come! Stay tuned!

Thank you to those who have purchased more items from the wish list and for everything that you do to support the class!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday break and a happy new year! We are excited to have the kids back in class for the second half of the school year. For the past couple of weeks, we have been learning about space, the different planets in our solar system, the stages of the moons, and the parts of the sun. We were very fortunate to have Ms. Charlotte’s father visit with his unique telescope that lets the naked eye look directly at the sun. It was quite an experience for all of us.

This month, we will be learning all about the continent of Asia, and diving into the different animals that live there, and the different landmarks that can be found throughout the continent. We will also be introducing Martin Luther King Jr. and learning about his journey for peace next week. At the end of the month, we will be learning about Asian New Year and its many traditions. It is the year of the rabbit.

As a reminder, our class has started food prep this month in the Practical Life area. The children have been enjoying making their own orange juice by juicing oranges and peeling and slicing hard-boiled eggs. Please continue to send eggs and oranges in! We so appreciate it. Perhaps your child can give YOU a lesson at home.

For those who will be moving up to kindergarten next year and are interested in our lottery, please attend the information nights or days that are posted on our website and get your lottery application in! Re-enrollment is due by Jan. 27. New applicants for the 2023-24 school year are welcome to apply currently, as well.

Many parents have asked about the amazon wish list. The link can be found at the top of the newsletter. I will also include it in the email. Also please be sure to label all of your child’s belongings!!

Thank you for all that you do for our classroom and school. Especially during these difficult times of flu season. Warmer weather cannot come any sooner! Enjoy the long weekend. Stay safe and healthy! In peace, Ms. Avery and Ms. Charlotte

This month the kiddos are learning all about holidays celebrated around the world. Ms. Samara came into the classrooms to teach about Hanukkah which they learned is the festival of lights, Ms. Sally came and talked about Kwanzaa, and I talked about the story of Christmas.

On Wednesday, the Kindergarteners will be going on a field trip to Glover Plaza to sing Christmas carols to the residents. On Thursday the whole school will be gathering in the outdoor classroom to share about different holidays celebrated from around the world. Our class will be singing “Let it Snow” to represent Canada. Please have your child come to school with mittens or gloves, scarves, and hats.

Next Friday, Dec. 16th, we will be having our festive holiday snack and craft. Please send your child in wearing holiday attire! It will be a fun day!

If you are interested in going to the “Second Chance Prom” the link is below for tickets. This will be a grown-up version in a beautiful downtown brewery, complete with a DJ, photographer, and open beer and wine bar. Proceeds will benefit IMS and Sky Watch Bird Rescue, our service-learning partner in February.

Lastly, Monty’s tank is all set up and he is loving all the extra swimming room! Thank you to everyone who helped make that possible! A picture of the new setup is in the slideshow 🙂

Thank you all for all that you do to help make our classroom so wonderful! Have a great weekend! In Peace, Ms. Avery and Ms. Charlotte

This month the children have continued their studies of North America and the United States. They have enjoyed learning to sing the states in alphabetical order and sharing which state they are going to present at the parade. Due to illness in the school, the parade has had to be postponed and will take place after Thanksgiving break on Wednesday, November 30 at 9:00 am. This gives each child time to practice stating their state/territory and their short fact. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

We were so busy with our lessons this month, that we did not get to present lessons on parts of a turkey or deer. We will be learning about them in December. We also will be focusing on the many holiday traditions that are celebrated around the world.
The entire school body gathered for a Land Acknowledgment Ceremony on November 14 in the outdoor classroom. Deondra Woodell, an IMCS parent and member of the Lumbee tribe, gave a presentation to the students. Her son, Lynkon Woodell danced in traditional regalia. It was very cool to watch. The children especially enjoyed the dances and the many feathers on Lynkon’s regalia. They were very curious and asked many questions.

We would also like to thank Ms. Maleia, Ms. Bev, and two middle school friends who came in to help with making our tree ornaments for the Holiday Bazaar, which is being held on Sunday, Dec 4 at the Marriott at Carolina Beach.

Lastly, due to a wedding and family emergency, I will not be here Friday, Nov 18th through the Thanksgiving holiday. Ms. Charlotte and I hope that everyone has a safe and restful break. We are so very grateful for the beautiful environment we work in each day and for every student whom we share our time with. We especially thank our families for their generosity, kindness, and trust as we guide the little ones into lifelong learners. We look forward to seeing everyone after the holiday. Please note it is a teacher workday on November 28. No students that day. In peace, Ms. Avery and Ms. Charlotte

This month the kids have been learning all about the continent of North America, the 50 states, and their names. We have been practicing the state song every day in preparation for our state parade that will be held on Friday, Nov 17th. The kiddos are excited to share a fun fact about the state or US territory they have selected! Event details to follow. Be on the lookout!

It was so nice to talk to each of you during the conferences. I find it very resourceful and a great opportunity to get to know your little one a little better. They are all so amazing!

For the next 2 weeks, our class will continue to learn about arctic animals, as well as focusing on the parts of the deer and the parts of the turkey. We also will be talking about gratitude and why it is important to be grateful during this time of year and always.

November 14, the entire school will gather outside in our outdoor classroom to celebrate Native American heritage with song and dance. It is always a joy to see the many students that make up our wonderful school.

Have a wonderful weekend enjoying this beautiful weather! In Peace, Ms. Avery and Ms. Charlotte

The Kindergartners went on their second field trip for the year to “Mike’s Farm”. They saw many different farm animals that included chickens, goats, turkeys, cows, ponies, and guinea hens. They also learned about different tools that people used on farms back in the day, how to make apple cider, and picked out either a pumpkin or gourd from the pumpkin patch after a fun hayride. The weather was perfect, and the children were amazing. Next week we will have Declan’s dad, Tyler, coming to school to talk to us about fire safety and what it is like to be a fireman!

Next week is Spirit week! On Montessori Monday your child should come in dressed in their IMS gear, Team Tuesday wear your favorite sports team shirt, Wacky Wednesday dress funny, Career Day is Thursday so your child should dress in what they want to be in the future and last is Character Day on Friday.

In November, we will begin our new unit studies. We will be focusing on North America and The United States of America, Arctic animals, parts of the deer and the turkey, Veteran’s Day, and harvesting and gratitude. We hope to present Our State’s Parade to our families at the end of the month. Details will be coming home soon.

Thank you to those who have signed up for conferences. If you have not signed up for a conference, the link is below. I look forward to talking to you all on Monday the 31st, for parent/teacher conferences.

Lastly, thank you to our room moms who have started to come in and help out in the classroom and have set up for our Halloween festivities in the classroom next Friday!

We hope you have a fun and safe weekend! In Peace Ms. Avery and Ms. Charlotte

This week, we began our studies about the continent of Africa. A few of our amazing parents are going to visit the classroom this month, to share their knowledge about the countries that they are either native from or have visited.  We will be learning about the parts of an elephant, hippo, and lion which are animals that can be found on the African safari. If you have any unique items, books, or pictures from Africa please feel free to send them in to share.

Fall brings along cooler weather. Please be mindful of the choice of clothing your child wears each day. We want them to be comfortable and warm when playing outside. Please label all jackets, hats, sweaters, etc. Also, please exchange your child’s extra clothing that they bring each day in their backpack to coincide with the cooler weather. 

I am happy to announce that we can have parent volunteers back in the classroom! If you plan to volunteer in the classroom this year, please be on the lookout for an email or text from our classroom room moms. In order to volunteer, you MUST attend the parent volunteer orientation being held in the art room at the charter school on October 20th at 10:00 am.  Our school will be having our Pumpkins and Potluck Thursday, October 13th from 5:30-7:30. I look forward to seeing most of you there!

Please remember to have your child bring their show and tell tomorrow. The letter sound is “C” as in cat, carrot, cup, car, etc.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend! In peace, Ms. Avery and Ms. Charlotte 

Happy Friday! It has been a fun-filled week of events. Wednesday, International Peace Day, brought the entire school together to celebrate. This was the first time all students from preschool to eighth grade had the opportunity to join in harmony celebrating one another and others throughout the world. We gathered together in our outdoor environment, singing songs and quoting poems. We hope to continue this assembly monthly. The walk to the outdoor classroom was quite exciting. Our eighth graders were our tour guides, proudly leading the way. Ask your student the sights we saw along the path. Many of them were eight legged friends high up in the trees! Their habitats were spun into beautiful works of art.

Our kindergartners went on their very first field trip to the library, using our school buses. Their visit included a very funny story from the famous “Library Guy”, Mr. Scooter, and had fun singing and moving to some cool songs, as well as they were shown how to use the library catalog. The children were then invited to glance at the books and choose a book to take home. Using their own library cards, they had a lesson on how to check a book out. They should be very proud of themselves. The staff at the Pine Valley Library were quite impressed by our students and their politeness and mature manner.

Next week we will be focusing on nutrition. In the afternoon, Mr. Lucas, a local chef will be talking to the kindergartners about healthy eating habits and nutritional foods they can enjoy. They will share with the class all the knowledge they receive, and we will follow up with many lessons throughout the rest of the month. The entire class will be apple tasting and learning the different parts of an apple.

Next month we will be starting our continent studies on Africa and safari animals. We will also be learning about fire safety, pumpkins, as well as the cool and colorful season of Autumn.

REMINDER: No school Monday. It is a teacher professional day. Enjoy your three-day weekend.

As always, Thank You for your constant support and care in making this school year productive and full of fun. Happy Fall! In Peace, Ms. Avery and Ms. Charlotte

What a great start to the school year! It is a joy having all of our returning kiddos back in the classroom and getting to know our new friends! Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in making the first weeks of school go smoothly. The children are eager to enter their classroom environment each morning ready for new lessons and fun!

Last week we celebrated Maria Montessori’s 152nd birthday! We have been focusing on the preliminary lessons in the Practical Life area. These lessons help develop hand and eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, self-control, independence, confidence, and order. The children have also been focusing on their grace and courtesy lessons, using polite words such as “please” and ‘thank you”, waiting their turn, how to interrupt for help, etc. Some of the older children have begun working on more advanced lessons in the room’s Language, Math, and Sensorial areas.

In the first half of September, we will be introduced to the map of the world, land, air, and water, land and water forms, and the five senses (taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing). In the second half of this month, we will be learning about nutrition, parts of the apple, World Peace Day, and having an apple tasting.

This month, we are encouraging families to bring in any spare change that we can fill our jars with to create ‘Change for Change!’ All funds raised will be donated to help support all the work that Welcome Home Angel provides for children in our community.

Thank you to those purchasing items off our class wish list to enhance our classroom! The link will be available throughout the year at the top of the website posts. We are collecting toilet paper/paper towel rolls for a project will be making for Peace Day, September 21. If you have any, please have your child bring them in to share. Thank you.

If you requested more than one name tag for vehicles at pickup they will be in your child’s green Friday folder. We hope you have a wonderful weekend! In Peace, Ms. Avery and Ms. Charlotte


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