Sea Turtle Classroom

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” – Maria Montessori

Class Wish List:

Happy Friday Everyone. The past weeks have been very busy here at IMCS. The children have been introduced to the incredible continent of Africa. We have focused on the many animals in Africa, especially the majestic lion. Many landmarks in Africa were presented through pictures and stories. Ms. Rakiya will be sharing her story next week, of growing up in Nigeria. We can’t wait to hear all about it.

This month is fire prevention month and we are so lucky to have some fire fighters in our children’s school family. Miles Murray’s dad, Mr. Justin, came to share his work with us, while social distancing out on our playground, talking all about fire safety and dressing in his uniform for the children to see. The kiddos had many interesting questions to ask Mr. Justin and were quite impressed by his fire fighter gear. We are so very thankful to him for sharing his community work with us. 

Word building, reading, working with the 100 board, building creations with the sensorial apparatus, all are keeping the children motivated and happy. Wow! They’ve learned so much. 

Reminder: Friday, October 30 is a noon dismissal. We will be celebrating Halloween in our PJ’s! We will be playing outside so make them movement friendly. Thanks for all the donations to our class. Lilly’s mom made lanyards for our masks for all the kiddos to use. when in school. Thank you Ms. Emelie. 

Have a nice week end. Ms. Avery😉

I can not believe it is October already! The kiddos have been busy learning about reptiles, types of leaves, and many other Montessori lessons in the classroom.

This month we will be starting our continent studies. Our first continent that we are going to learn about and explore is Africa. We will also be learning about different animals that live on the safari, the human body, parts of the pumpkin and Halloween. October is fire safety month, we hope to have a parent who works at the fire department come talk to the kids about being a firefighter.

Thank you to everyone who signed up for parent/teacher conferences. I look forward to talking to each one of you about your child’s progress.

Miss Jen and I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend! In Peace, Miss Avery

What a great couple of weeks we have had with all the kids! The students were engaged learning about the phases of the moon, parts of the sun, the layers of the earth, part of a volcano (which we erupted in class), oceans, land and water formations, rocks and minerals, states of matter, parts of the lizard, and all the additional Montessori lessons presented throughout the school day.

Next week we will start taking a more in depth look at reptiles.  On Monday, September 21st, we will be celebrating International Day of Peace.  We will be reading books about Peace, learn the Light a Candle for Peace song, and make peace pinwheels. If your child has a book about Peace that he/she would like to share with the class, we would love for them to bring it in for us to read.

Parent/Teacher conferences are coming up on October, 9th. A sign up genius will be sent out next week. Conferences will be done via Zoom or phone calls. If a time does not work for you, please contact me and we can reschedule for a different day and time that is more convenient. Also, a sign up genius will be sent out for families to bring flowers in every week.

Miss Jen and I would like to give a big thank you to the Maynards for getting Monty a new tank! We also are very grateful for everyone who purchased things for the classroom off of our Amazon Wishlist!

Lastly we got a new addition to the classroom this week! We have a new bearded dragon named “Drogon”. He is about 5 weeks old so still a little small for the kids to hold but they have enjoyed petting him and having him in the classroom.

What a great start to the school year! Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in making the first weeks of school go by smoothly. The children are eager to enter their classroom environment each morning ready for new lessons and fun!

Earlier this week we celebrated Maria Montessori’s 150th birthday! The kids learned where Italy is located and colored the Italian flag, the country in which Maria was born. These first few weeks, the children have been focusing on the preliminary lessons in the Practical Life area. These lessons help develop hand and eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, self control, independence, confidence and order. The children have also been concentrating on their grace and courtesy lessons, using polite words such as “please” and ‘thank you”, waiting their turn, how to interrupt for help, etc. Some of the older children have begun working on more advanced lessons that are in the Language, Math and Sensorial areas of the room.

The month of September we will be learning about the sun, the earth, and the moon, the map of the world, land, air, and water and land and water forms. The children had great enthusiasm when illustrating the phases of the moon!

Just a reminder that Monday is Labor Day and that school will be closed! I hope everyone has a fun and safe extended weekend 🙂 In Peace. Ms,. Avery

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